Klipfoglio with the same Google Sheet formulas

HI Guys,

I'm newbie of Klipfolio and seems a great product!


The problem for me that I started in these days was/is to understand the difference between "your" functions and "Google Sheet" (or maybe Microsoft Excel) functions.

I saw that you translate every Data Source in a table (like Google Sheet do) and this is a fantastic idea.


Starting from this I need to think...

OK using Google Sheet for instance I can use COUNTIFS while in Klipfolio what I need to do?

OK exists the COUNTIF but only accepts one condition.

OK I can combine with AND function... MMMMM... how?

Let me open a ticket :D (and I'm blocked again)


These functions could be aliases of other functions that you have but is very important for a user to add the functions using a "language" that already known without reinventing the wheel.

I suppose that a lot of your customers are already a Google Sheet/Microsoft Excel master so this could be a good idea for me.

Thanks, Alex.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your inputs and for raising your voice int he community!

    I'll raise for discussion with the product teams.



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