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I would've assumed if you've purchased white label options that should enable you to customise the message that is sent in the email new users receive when you add them. I've not found any info that you can.
I'm currently having to send a separate email warning about what they may receive, why, and what to do.


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    Meggan King

    Hi Robert -

    Have you set up your domain alias and email redirection? Once that is set up, you will have all emails going from your domain. Until that is configured it will go out via Klipfolio. You can't change the contents of the email, it will just be an invitation to the user

    Your success rep can help you with his, if you haven't gone through the steps yet:

    You can also use the Klipfolio API to add users and not send out an email. This would require you to give the user an initial password. With this approach you send out the email yourself, and have full control over the contents: 


    The support team is always available to help as well: support@klipfolio.com




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    Robert Manser

    Hi Meggan, thanks for the info!

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