Marketo Lifecycle Over Time (BETA)

Has anyone gotten this working with data in their klip?

I've configured everything from static lists to timestamped stages in Marketo but no data is showing in my klip

Any troubleshooting insight would be appreciated.


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    Meggan King

    Hi Jay -

    One of our Marketing experts recently wrote a blog about connecting Marketo to Klipfolio: https://www.klipfolio.com/blog/how-to-use-marketo-data-to-build-a-dashboard-your-team-can-monitor

    It might have some tips you can use. We might need to open a support ticket to help you, but I'll see if the marketing team can help answer something here.




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    Jonathan Taylor

    Hi Jay,

    I'm from our marketing team and I'm familiar with our Marketo integration. I'd be happy to work with our support team to help find a solution.

    Do you mind providing more details?

    I know there have been issues in the past with finding the right fields to connect Marketo data sources in Klipfolio. Perhaps you could go through the process and double-check the fields you used?

    The other challenge may be data source size. 



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    Jay Jiang

    Hi Jon,

    Not sure what I can provide you.

    We've set up static lists for each revenue stage, Known (MCL), MQL, SAL, SQL, Won

    We've also set up timestamp fields for each stage (as dateTime type fields)

    There are people in the lists.

    The people in the lists have datestamps for each stage they've been through.

    I've connected the required datasources in the klip to the statics lists and the timestamp fields.

    I've checked datasources in the klip by going into edit and seen that the datasources have json data retrieved from Marketo.


    However, there isn't anything appearing in the klip...


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    Jonathan Taylor

    Ok, shoot.

    I think the best option is to connect with our support team so they can troubleshoot. I know Meggan's on this thread (so you're in very good hands). I'll be available to help troubleshoot on my end.

    Thanks and support will reach out shortly.

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