Order Hidden Data Fields

A feature to order the hidden data fields being used as filters would be helpful. Currently when using a number of hidden data fields there is no way to change the order, other than deleting the fields and recreating in the order you want. For an example, let's say you want to filter for sales by a specific person this week. If you setup the hidden data field to filter for sales this week before you setup the filter for the salesperson, the option to choose the salesperson may not be there, if the salesperson has not made any sales in that time period. Adding the ability to easily change the order will avoid having to recreate the fields.

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    Bart Jonk

    I fully agree that the ability to order hidden data fields would be a really nice feature. 

    When you are using a lot of hidden data fields (e.g. when using the 'User Input control' for day/week/month variants of charts), the ability to reorder them would greatfully improve maintainability.

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