How to "reauthenticate" Facebook account

Hi, today when I logged in to Klipfolio it asked me to authenticate the Facebook data with an account.

Unfortunately I was logged into my Facebook account in the browser and it used my account.

The problem is my account is not connected to all our business pages. .

So now the Facebook pages I need to show in Klipfolio are not available.

How do I change the Facebook account/data?


Many thanks

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    Dylan Dodge

    Hi Rick, 

    Thanks for reaching out! This often can be a case of the browser being a little too smart for its own good as you mentioned and auto-logging you in with your account. If you make sure to either sign out of Facebook in your browser or use an Incognito or Private Browser window, this should allow you to sign in with the appropriate Facebook account to regain access to the business pages you are looking for.

    A great best practice that will help in the long run will also be going into your Account settings and managing the names of your Connected Accounts. They will always default to "Rick @ Facebook" for example, and this way you can rename and ensure they are easy to manage. 

    Have a great day! 

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