Combining PDF's from multiple klips/dashboards into the one scheduled email (rather than one email for each)

I would like to request the function of combining the following into the one scheduled email (rather than multiple scheduled emails):
1. PDF's from a dashboard, where the PDF's from the dashboard vary based on a specific variable
2. PDF's from multiple klips

Currently I have 6 separate scheduled emails on a dashboard, with each one varying based on a specific variable in the dashboard. This means 6 emails with the PDF attached for each. However ideally it would be just 1 email with all 6 PDF's attached.



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    Nikta Kanuka

    Hi Cullen,

    Thanks for posting to our community!

    I'd love to understand your request a bit better. What's the bigger pain-point for you? Getting too many emails from Klipfolio? Or wanting to combine these dashboards/Klips into one email because that keeps the content in context?


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    Cullen Brugman

    Hi Nikta, 

    Thanks for your reply!

    It's more to do with getting too many emails. With setting up a number of dashboards on scheduled emails, there's already plenty of emails being received. However adding to that with an extra email per variable on one of the dashboards makes the amount of emails being received a little too crazy. 

    Ideally the variables from the same dashboard would be combined in the one email, making it simpler to forward on to anyone else if needed and also reducing the noise in the email inbox (which is a huge pain point for everyone). 

    Hopefully you can get this functionality going sooner rather than later!



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    Nikta Kanuka

    Super, thanks for clarifying.

    I've included your feedback for our team to consider next time we're making improvements to our email exports (no timelines for this as of yet I'm afraid!). 

    Thanks again for sharing your use-case with us:)


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