Indicators - dynamic text

It would be useful if we could still reference the values we're using to define the indicators if we wished to "replace text" E.g. i'm comparing dates to a hidden column and if those dates are not the same same i wanted to highlight to the user there's a difference in those dates with a messsage that's the descrepacy and display the 2 dates.

i understand i can achieve this by using a logic formula in the column, but doing it in indicator would be easier when majority of functionality already exists.

if(slice(8dd232cda4fcf05cb4a504264a53bfb5@A:A;,1)!= slice(8dd232cda4fcf05cb4a504264a53bfb5@B:B;,1), concat("* ",slice(8dd232cda4fcf05cb4a504264a53bfb5@A:A;,1),"-",slice(8dd232cda4fcf05cb4a504264a53bfb5@B:B;,1)) ,slice(8dd232cda4fcf05cb4a504264a53bfb5@A:A;,1))


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