Sharing dashboard in Slack

Hey there,

I'm new here. And I'm looking for some tips and tricks using the Slack to share dashboards/charts. Anybody that has some experience with this. And maybe also some do's and don'ts. 


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    Zach Kathnelson

    Hey Michiel, happy to help.  The Slack sharing feature is great, we use it constantly internally!  Some of my quick tips would be: 

    - Share individual Klips, not dashboards; sharing one Klip at a time ensures the image that goes in Slack is clear and readable.  I often do this to call out a particular outlier metric (more wins today than expected, far fewer than expected, etc.), or to provide relevant data to back up a discussion.

    - Make sure the assets are shared in Klipfolio with the Users you are posting to in Slack.  If the assets are not shared, the Slack users can still see the image, however they won't be able to click on the link and view the asset live in Klipfolio.  We're inches from releasing brand new "User Sharing" features that make it easier to quickly share with individual users.  This is live now for many Klipfolio accounts but not all.  

    Let us know what you think!  


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    Fréderique Debecker


    Is there a way to automate the posting of a klip/dashboard in a Slack channel? Let's say every month Klipfolio is posting the sales figures in the sales channel

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