Add the ability to reference the data in a raw format.

I have an API that returns json data and a dashboard full of klips to represent it. It works quite nicely, in my opinion. I would also like the ability to show the data in a less curated aspect, as there are many fields and making a layout that contains everything would be both tedious and an eyesore. I would like the ability to reference the data in a raw format so that i can manipulate as such. For example, a label component with the data reference @kf:raw(/*) would show the entire data payload as a json formatted string. @kf:raw(/subcomponent/*) would show the json formatted string for the subcomponent field(pretty much everything between "subcomponent": and the comma in the same layer.

So if subcomponent was an object, the function would return: "{"id":1,"name":"john"}"

an array subcomponent would return: "[1,2,3]"

and, of course, a basic value subcomponent would just return the value, but that's already in the current functionality.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Austin,

    Thank you for adding your voice to our community!

    I would love to better understand what you are trying to achieve.  It sounds like you are requesting a mechanism to see the underlying detail behind a component.   (To see what data was used to create the visualization.)

    Can you help me better understand what you are trying to achieve?  Is this to assist with better decision-making?  Building confidence in the visualization? Or other needs to be able to see the details (without making your dashboards "both tedious and an eyesore").  

    Who in your organization would use this?  How would they use it?  What would they be doing with it?  

    Understanding more about the background behind the request helps us with ensuring better understanding of the objective and the desired result.



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    Austin Baez

    I've manually edited the html of the dashboard page to reflect a basic version of what I would like. A better formatted and maybe a bit more dynamic(collapsing certain components) version would be optimal.

    This application is primarily being advertised as a data aggregator service, with the data itself being the selling point. There are far too many fields to have them all represented on a single page in an easily digestible manner, so the dashboard curates the data to show some key data points. but it would be desirable to maintain the raw output in the same window as to show the true scope of the data available.

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    Austin Baez

    Any follow up on this?

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