Email Snapshot Creation Through API - Email Snapshot Default Variables



We have approximately 40 clients (with more to add) - and we're about to roll out an "email snapshot" dashboard - so that we can pre-define specific date ranges (e.g. Last Week, This Month etc.) as well as possibly changing other variables (to try and match our current reporting suite in SSRS). 

As we're unable to create email snapshots through the api this means we'll be in the region of creating ~400 email snapshots by hand, when we already have the config we require stored (and writing something to create them through the api would be much simpler).

Also, it would be extremely helpful to default the variables on the snapshot where a company property exists. We use dynamic datasources which take a company variable from the client and template them into our query. If I set up a snapshot with an error in these properties I can easily send a something about company A to company B - where it would make perfect sense to just use something that's already defined outside of the dashboard.


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