Google Maps API Changes June 11

Hello everyone!

Just a heads up that Google Maps is implementing a new pricing structure for their Google Maps API access.

As of June 11th users will need to use a valid Google Map API key and have a Google Cloud Platform billing account. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can handle on your behalf and you will need to take action.

What should I know? Google has created a transition guide to help guide you to through the new process.

  • You will need to generate a valid API key Google Map API Key.
  • You will be asked to input credit card information for billing purposes. The first $200 worth of API calls per month are free. We believe that this should cover most of your use cases but for additional information please see Google’s pricing plan.
  • Users can set limits on their API usage to manage any additional costs.
  • You will need to edit your HTML Template component where you have written your code to display the Google Map and modify this line



Finally, after June 11th please double-check that any Klips using Google Maps work as expected.


Still have questions? Send us a ticket at support@klipfolio.com, we are here to help!


Thank You,

Meggan King

Customer Success - Manager of Support Services


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