2 step authentication


I am trying to use the 2 step authentication but looks like I am missing something.
To get the token I post:

URL: http://some-domain.com//api/v1/user/signin
Method: POST
Header: Content-Type = application/json
Body: {
"email": "user@some-domain.com",
"password": "12345"

The JSON response is:

To use the API:
URL: http://some-domain.com/api/v1/inventory/?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiL.....long_string
Method: GET

It's worth mentioning that this very same API is called from other places by first getting the token and then sending it on the URL) and it works perfectly.


Thanks in advance!


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    Larona Nyambe

    Hi Sergio,

    Looking at your screenshot the one thing you are missing is the token variable on your resource URL. Should be http://some-domain.com/api/v1/inventory/?token=[auth_token]. That variable is the result of your token path regex - so the token. 

    You should also leave the username and password blank if you are hardcoding them on the POST body - those are parameters that you can call internally on your POST body ( typically when you want to hide the password) i.e {"email": "[username]", "password":"[password]"} - where [username] and [password] are the values you entered on the inputs.

    If you still can't get it to work, contact support for help ( support@klipfolio.com). 


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    Sergio Nader

    Hey Larona. 


    Thanks for your reply. 
    Yes, now it works: 

    path: "token"[ :]+((?=\[)\[[^]]*\]|(?=\{)\{[^\}]*\}|\"[^"]*\")

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