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If I create a dynamic source and link to a form field on the dashboard. The dynamic sources are marked to be auto refresh every 30 minutes. If a user changes the value will over time there will by many instances created with each refreshing at 30  minutes.  

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    Josh Cohen-Collier


    Thanks for posting in our Community!

    Good question here.
    Yes, indeed there would be many dynamic instances behind the scenes, all refreshing at 30 minute intervals.
    Now, we do have a script that periodically runs, and deletes any instances for variable values that have not been called for a certain period of time.
    However, this is done at most every 2 weeks, and if you are creating instances on a regular basis, you may run past this limit.
    You can delete instances yourself manually, by using this technique here.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,
    Joshua Cohen-Collier,
    Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio

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