Is there a way to track dashboard views?

Is there any way (natively or through another solution) that would allow you to track views of a publicly published link to a dashboard? We're looking to track how folks from our company are using the many boards we're building. 


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    Ivan Stefanovski

    Hi Jonathan, 


    Unfortunately there is currently no way to track views of a publicly published link to one of your dashboards. The best way to do that type of tracking would be to add the folks from your company as users in your Klipfolio account so that they would be able to sign in and view the dashboards you're building and sharing with them. From there, as an Admin user you would be able to access the Event Log in your account to see when your users are signing in and what they are doing in the account, in order to track how the individuals are using the tools and dashboards you are creating for them. We hope that works for your use case! 


    Thanks for reaching out! 

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    Laura Metternich

    Hey Jonathan,

    we experienced the same issue and I didn't see your post beforehand, so I posted a similar one: https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360031190253-Track-frequency-of-clicks-on-published-links

    I'll just leave my support here for your feature :D

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    Dylan Kaufman

    I'm also wondering whether there is a way to track logins?  I'd love it if KF would fire a webhook event on any user login, with an indicator of how (SSO, login screen, session expired sign-in button, etc.) 

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