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    Rahul Bura Official comment

    Hey Ronald,

    Thanks for reaching out! :) Here are steps you can follow to connect to SQUARE.

    Step 1: You need to generate your Personal Access Token 

    You'll find steps outlined here :

    Step 2: Use the Personal Access Token 

    You need to use our custom REST/URL connector to set this datasource up. You can refer to the API Documentation to determine what endpoint you want to use. The important bit is the authorization. This is how your connector should look like:

    Note: There are 2 parameters -

    - Name : Authorization     Value: Bearer <PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN>  Type: Header
    - Name: Content-Type      Value: application/json                                       Type: Header

    Just replace <PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN> with your own token without <>. You can see we tried a sample query to get all locations. Hope that helps!

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    Ronald Jones

    This is awesome! Thank you so much!

    In case anyone else sees this...  you can pull Square payment transactions by replacing the Query URL with this (leave parameters, etc. the same):


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