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Now we have the ability to publish a link for one single dashboard. I think it will be really nice if you can extend this function to publish a slideshow of dashboards, just like what we can do with the full screen mode + play button now.

Don't need to have too much options. Just choose which boards to show, and how much time it will show (better if you can make it a per dashboard setting).


Thank you!

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    Ivan Stefanovski

    Hello Alexandre, 


    Our sincere apologies for the delay response, although thank you for reaching out! I did want to make sure to come back to you with a good solution for your use case, which we have implemented internally as well, so we can share some valuable insight. 

    I am not sure if you have come across our post on "Using Rise Vision to display your Klipfolio dashboard on big screen TVs or digital wallboards"? If not then I definitely advise that you check it out as we use that solution in-house at Klipfolio. With that, you can give Rise Vision a set of Klipfolio dashboard published links for it to display as a timed playlist, that you can then cast to a TV. You can then also manage multiple TVs through one Rise Vision account so that you are setting up different playlist of different dashboards on each TV. Hopefully that works on your end! 


    Thank you for reaching out! 


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