Ability to schedule klips to email account


Currently, if I want to email a klip to someone, I can manually send it to their email address, or I can schedule a klip to be sent to klipfolio users and groups at certain time intervals. 


I'd very much like to be able to send a scheduled klip email to email addresses, since some of the people who need certain klip information may not have klipfolio accounts. 


Can this functionality be looked into?


Thank you!


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    Jieyi Rong

    Hello Ben,

    This is a great feature and it is on our roadmap. 

    In the meantime, if you have one or two Klips to share through Emails, you can have one Dashboard that contains one Klip and schedule that Dashboard. 

    Or, you can generate Published links to your Dashboard and share the links with the user you wish to give access to. This is one of the best ways to share dashboards in near real time. 

    Please stay tuned for our new features.

    Happy Dashboarding!

    Jieyi (Customer Success Guru)

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