How to set up a recurring e-mail snapshot

One of the greatest features in Klipfolio is the ability of having recurring email reports sent to multiple users.

Here's the steps to take to accomplish this task:

1. Select the Dashboard you want to share by clicking on the 3 dots beside the name of your dashboard and select "Share".


2. Select "Email Dashboard..." at the bottom of the Share Menu.

3. Select "set up or manage and existing recurring scheduled email" in blue print.

4. If you have any scheduled emails already, you manage them here. If you are looking to set up a new recurring email, select "Set up an email snapshot" in blue print.

5. Here you will have the option to set up your email snapshot. You can change the Subject of the email, the users you would like to share it with and any additional notes. You can also change the Format of your snapshot: you can choose PDF or Image only. 

6. If you are using any variables in your dashboard you will need to select the current value of all your variables by clicking on the number of variables in blue print. 


7. If you want this to be a recurring scheduled email you can set up the frequency to be Daily, Weekly or Mostly. You can also select how often you want this email to be sent, the days of the week if you choose weekly and the time.



8. Finally once you have completely all the required fields, you will see a blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page and your recurring email will be saved. 


Keep in mind that once you have save this recurring email snapshot, you can always go back and makes changes or even delete if you no longer need it. 

I hope this helps you get keep you team updated with this great feature.

Happy Dashboarding!

Exequiel - Customer Success Guru



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