How to use custom bright colours in dark mode

A lot of customers love to use our Klipfolio dark theme mode; however, they find that the colours used for the visualizations are not as bright with a dark background. 

Here I'm going to show you how you can customize the colours, so you can have a more powerful dashboard.

Inside the Klip editor you have the ability to change the colour of a simple black and white label 

In the properties panel of your klip, you need to click on the box with the default colour of your klip under font style and select the custom field. Here you would select the code (which can be google on the web) of the colour you wish to have.

This will completely change the way your visualization looks.

Instead of having a plain white background like this: 


You can customize the colours to look something like this: 

I hope this helps you have powerful visualizations in your dark theme mode. 

Happy Dashboarding 

Exequiel - Customer Success Guru 


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