How to add a section line and header to a dashboard

Have you ever wondered how you can add a section line and header to a dashboard? 

This is a good question as it highlights a component type that is often overlooked called the Separator component.

To try this out, select Build a Custom Klip in your dashboard account.

From the Components panel, located on the far right, drag in the Separator component.

(If you don’t see the Components panel, click the small A to expand it)

Adjust the Line Style, Line Weight and Line Color options on the Properties panel to how you want to see the line on the dashboard.


If you want to also add a name under the line separator you have just created, you can drag in a Label component just below the Separator component.

With the Data panel selected and where you see “My Label”, replace "My Label" with your section name, for example I have typed in the name Canada.

Select the Properties panel.

Adjust the Font Size, and Font Style to colorize your text.

To remove the Klip title so that it does not display on the dashboard, select the word Klip in the Klip editor, delete the word Untitled, and replace it by typing a space.

Save and name your Klip so that you can locate it in the Library.

You can then add this Klip to your dashboard and drag it into position.   Use the 4-bi-directional arrows that appear when you hover your mouse pointer over the top centre of the Klip to re-position it, or to expand the width of the Klip use the 2-bi-directional arrows that appear when you hover your mouse pointer over the bottom right of the Klip. These options are available when the layout of your dashboard is set to use a Custom layout.

The result will look something like this.


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