Sharepoint Connection


unfortunately, I cannot connect my sharepoint with Klipfolio. When I enter the password a new window appears with possible data sources to connect. (I already chose sharepoint but in this new window I have to select again a data source and here no sharepoint can be selected). 


How can I connect my sharepoint?


Thank you.


Kind regards


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    Meggan King

    Hi Christian 

    Are you trying to create new data sources? Are you also logged into sharepoint and Klipfolio? I would suggest the first step is to log out of sharepoint and then try to create your new data source. Another option is to try Chrome Incognito mode. It could be that there is a sharepoint session running on your browser and this is causing some confusion. You can also reach out to the support team: support@klipfolio.com and work with the team. 




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    Christian Möller

    Hi Meggan


    unfortunately, none of the suggested ways work... Does it have something to do with where one is located or what system one uses?



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