How do I use the Google Analytics Query Explorer to form my API queries?

Are you looking to pull data from Google Analytics into your Klipfolio account and getting stuck when asked to write out your API query? If so, I can share that a lot of customers get stuck or run into dead ends when working with API data sources such as Google Analytics, as they have not worked with APIs before, so that is a whole new world to them.


Having a tough time creating API queries is totally understandable if you do not have previous API experience, although Google Analytics is actually a great platform to work with when you have limited or no experience with APIs. This is mainly because of the Google Analytics Query Explorer, which allows you to sign-in to your own Google Analytics account so that you can use drop-downs and date-pickers to set your query, instead of having to write out the whole API query (which involves learning how to do that!). 


Once you are signed into the Google Analytics Query Explorer page you will be able to set your API query through drop-downs and date-pickers for options like account, property, metrics, dimensions, and start/end dates that you want to report for. 

Once you have picked out all of the options/parameters/data that you would like to be included within your API call then you would be able to click the "Run Query" button at the bottom of the page to essentially run your query in the Google Analytics Query Explorer. This will essentially return data back to you on that same page with the results of your query and at the bottom of that page you would see a little box that says "API Query URI" and that includes the API query you would need to use to call that data (which looks like a website link). 

You would then be able to copy that API Query URL and then paste it into the Advanced mode of the Google Analytics Connector in your Klipfolio account (image displayed below), using your own token for the Google Analytics account, in order to bring that data into your Klipfolio account as a data source. 

We hope this helps with getting data from your Google Analytics account into Klipfolio so that you can use that for your building. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or get stuck! 


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