How can I print annotations associated with a Klip?

Any user in your account can add a comment to a Klip.  These comments can then be printed out for review.

An easy way to do this is to download the Klip as a pdf selecting the option to include comments.

You can also build a klip that contains comments using the Klipfolio API.

  1. Generate your Klipfolio API key.
  2. Create a new data source using the Klipfolio service connector.
  3. Build a custom Klipfolio data source specifying your klip’s unique id and using the Klipfolio API reference guide.
  4. Save the data source and set a refresh interval.

    Use this data source to display comments and the date they were created.
    You can also create, update, and delete annotations using the Klipfolio API.

    Your query for your custom data source might look like this.
  • Query URL: https://app.klipfolio.com/api/1.0/klips/<yourKlipid>/annotations
    Replace <yourKlipid> with your Klip id.
  • Data Format: JSON
  • Method: GET
  • Parameters:
    Name: kf-api-key
    Value: <yourApiKey>
    Replace <yourApiKey> with your Klipfolio API key
    : Header



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