A more granular map klip to support more countries

 Hi Klipfolio Team, 

I have been a user of Klipfolio in a while, and have been big fans of Klipfolio, as it helps me propel my career here in Tech Startup

I've been recommending Klipfolio to others and I want to keep doing that because this product does help alleviate a real pain in the corporate world.

That been said, I think some of the features like Map is still heavily North America centric, and while I understand the constraint of engineering resources, and the focus to target the big market first, I can help but keep on wishing that the users in other countries such as Indonesia get some of the love from the Product Development team in Klipfolio.

The maps would be a very good start at that. I hope you guys will be able to support Indonesian map, along with the marker and the city name just like the USA map, 

Thank you for all the hard work!  

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    Yves Ferket

    I second that. Belgium is less accurate than a drawing from my 10 year old son...

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