Please enable data source refresh logs

Hi Klipfolio (and users).


We have 24/7/365 staff using our dashboards. Occasionally, one or more dashboards won’t refresh as scheduled. If we’re lucky, the request is fired off from Klipfolio and returns an error, creating a log entry.

However, errors and non-updates don’t always have the good manners to happen within office hours. Thus, we often have a hard time doing any sort of troubleshooting, particularly if the data source system doesn’t have any logs, or only very limited logs.

In this case, it would be very helpful to have more complete logs for our Klipfolio data sources.

Something along the lines of timestamps for when a given data source:

  • Entered refresh queue
  • Query sent
  • Beginning of response
  • End of response
  • Data is available

This would be very helpful in determining whether the dashboard has somehow timed out (despite being on a continuous loop on our big screens), if it has simply been stuck in the refresh queue for some reason, or if the query was never sent.

Ideally, we would like the logs to be kept for some time (for instance, the last 7 days’ worth of data source refreshes), if not forever.

That way, we would be able to dive into where the issue might be with a given dashboard/Klip/data source.


Best regards,

Alexander Jensen


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