Merging columns same data source, different sheets

I did use ARRAY function:


Using the same data source but different sheets, only shows me Julho2018.B;B.



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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Denis,

    Thanks for reaching out! :) If you are looking to combine data from two sheets from the same column, ARRAY is indeed the way to go and it looks to be correct. A quick test would be to evaluate @Julho2018,B:B; and @Agosto2018,B:B; individually to ensure they both have values and if so, how many entries. Then when you evaluate the ARRAY, you should see the total number of entries - this should be the sum of the number of entries for each @Julho2018,B:B; and @Agosto2018,B:B; respectively. 

    If when evaluating @Julho2018,B:B; and @Agosto2018,B:B; respectively you notice that @Agosto2018,B:B doesn't have values, then what you are currently seeing would be correct.

    If you need us to take a closer look, I would suggest submitting a support ticket and letting us know the name of the klip and component and we can take a closer look here Denis.

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