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We've been using Klipfolio for most of this year to cast on our TV's throughout the office as well as the app for some of our outside technicians to look at. One problem we're having is that we need the font to be pretty big to be clearly visual on the TV for when you walk in the office. Everything fits perfectly on there for one slide - but when we want to get a PDF friendly version of this is when we run into problems. We just want a one page layout of the dashboard, vertically everything fits fine but horizontally everything gets smushed and we can't read. I have an example of what it looks like on our TV and what comes out as far as a PDF. (See below)


If there's any way you could look into being able to just not have it condense everything and stretch it to fit the page horizontally that would be awesome and a huge easy win for us as a company to use in meetings and snapshot historical data in a PDF 



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    Trudy Voorhees

    Caitlin - 

    Did you ever get an answer on this? I too am having a similar problem, except with a single klip instead of an entire dashboard. It seems like the PDF generates an unusually large right margin, and everything is crammed to the left. 



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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi There, 

    Thank you for submitting this request alongside images of your dashboard. The ability for Klipfolio to be a trusted and accurate reporting tool is a huge focus for our company in 2019. We want to ensure this trickles down into the quality of our PDF reporting. We are trying to slowly tackle some of the reporting concerns our customers have, including those around spacing and layout. As we think about how we can offer proper PDF reporting from our new PowerMetrics product, we hope to improve this overall experience for our users. I do not have an immediate timeline for you, but we strive to make improvements to this area in 2019. 


    Thank you, 


    Caileigh (Product Manager)

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