Reset Value Using Button/Variable

This feature would enable users to reset the values of 'user inputs' with the click of a button. 
I have attached screenshots to go along with my walk through.

Possible Setup:
1. Create a Button
2. Choose Button Type
      - Submit           (Button Type provided today)
      - Reset             (New Button Type)
3. Create 'User Input Control'
4. Select to include 'Reset Value' option
5. Create Variable Named 'User Input Reset'
     - Set Value in Variable Selection
6. Select the Button you created earlier as 'Use Button'
7. Done!

Use Case:
We provide a client with a dashboard of Orders. 
They are able to filter the orders with a 'Start' and 'End' Date

This would enable us to have a 'Reset' button that would be able to factor the highest 'Start' and lowest 'End' date
      - Thus auto-filling in the entire date range possible; rather than the user guessing the possible range


Button Creation


Setting Up User Input Reset Option


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    Jabel Riera Soler


    It would be great to see some solution to reset variables and it would be nice if the solution provided could also clean dynamic datasource's instances that were using their values automatically. I do not know if this "reset button" is the best option because it may cause people to over-use it (And therefore it would imply more syncs with datasources -> more cpu + ram -> unefficience) . But somehow in some place on the Klipfolio panel I also think we should have the ability to reset variables values, we really miss this feature.


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    Atulya Khare

    Agreed! A solution or function that easily allows for resetting variables, date selections, drop-down lists etc would be really useful.  Currently, we are trying to implement a 'Reset' option for users by using 'hidden user input controls' and it adds unnecessary components and complexity to the Klip. 

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