How can I build a Klip with text search?

You probably have built a Klip that allows a user to filter data by selecting from a drop-down list of options, but did you know you can let users filter data by typing in a search word.

Let’s do a quick example:

  1. Select the User Input Control component, and create a variable with the Control Type: Text Field.
    Remember variables have scopes.  Consider whether you want this variable to just work with this Klip, all Klips on the dashboard, or all Klips on every dashboard in the account.
  2. Select the Table component, and for each column in your table, select a column of data in your data source.
    In my example, I selected a name column and a values column.
  3. Select the three vertical dots beside the column that contains the search words. Select Filter, select Condition, select Matches (or sometimes you might need to select Contains) and then use the drop down arrow to select your Text Field variable name.  Click Filter.
  4. If you have a large data source, add the Button component to your Klip. To associate it with the User Input Control component, select the Properties panel, change the Set Value field from Instantly to On Button press, and the Use Button field to Button.  This will prevent slowness since a text search is run every time you type a character in the search box.
  5. Test your Klip by typing in a valid search word and pressing the button to see if it returns related data.

    How to build User Input Control components


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