How can I show the latest refresh date and time on a Klip?

Sometimes, you might want to show the latest date and time a data source refreshed at the bottom of a Klip.

You can do this by using the Klipfolio API.

  1. Generate your Klipfolio API key.
  2. Create a new custom data source using the Klipfolio service connector.
    You will need to replace the value <yourAPIKey> in the query with your own Klipfolio API key.
  3. Expand the data node to see if you can see the name of your data source.  If you can, continue to save the data source and set a refresh interval. If you can’t you might want to modify the query to get a specific data source instance.
  4. In your Klip, add the data source and select a Label component.
  5. Select the date_last_refresh node to show the latest date/timestamp information in your Label component.
  6. Add a hidden data component to the Label using the Properties panel and select the name field.  Use the three vertical dots to add a filter to return the specific name of the data source.  


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