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recently Typeform made some changes in it's API from Data API to Response API. If you have klips built on the Data API you'll see that your visualization won't work anymore.

Typeform provided the two following URLs, but I could'nt find all my questions answered there, so I thought, I share my experiences with you. They might help you if you are facing similar problems.

First of all the URLs:

Be aware that your data source changes with the updates in the API. The authorization needs to be set in the query parameters now instead of setting it immediately in the url.

  • Data API: https://api.typeform.com/v1/form/{typeform_UID}?key={your_api_key}
  • Responses API: https://api.typeform.com/forms/{form_id}/responses

Taking a look at the filtering parameters will help you understand the differences between Data and Response API, that you need for dynamic datasources. You find the picture attached:

Furthermore I share with you some changes, that were made in the answers, that will help you retreive the correct values:
For example:
1) Retreiving only specific values:
Old version: @/response/answers/list_aY6tzvZnwk93_choice;  changed to:
New version: @/items/answers[field/id='aY6tzvZnwk93']/choice/label;
2) Filtering by date:
@/responses/metadata/date_submit;  @/responses/metadata/date_land;  changed to:
@/items/submitted_at and  @/items/landed_at
I hope you find some questions answered regarding the typeform changes. Feel free to share your knowledge.
It took me some days to figure out all the changes :D

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    Rahul Bura

    Thanks Laura! Looks like the screenshot did not make it however:)

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