How can I filter my data for different series?

If you are new to Klipfolio, you might be wondering how to display your data based on a condition in different series in a Bar/Line chart.  For example, you might want one series to show values for Project 1, and another series to show values for Project 2.  

The easiest way is to use filtering. Filtering allows you to select, group, aggregate and sort your data quickly in a component.  To apply a condition, you will use a function called IF. The IF function will let you bring back the values you want to display and return blank for the other values.  This is important because with filtering each sub-component must evaluate to the the same number of items for the data to align properly.

Let’s set up a quick example.

  1. Using the Upload a File connector bring in your data.
    Consider using the Google Drive or Dropbox service connectors if you want Klipfolio to look for changes in your data using the refresh interval setting.
  2. Build a New Klip from this data source by dragging in a Bar/Line Chart component from the Components palette.
  3. Select the X:Axis sub-component and select the date column from your data source.  
    Select the Properties panel, Input Format, to ensure the correct  Date / Time format is displayed for the dates in your data source, and select the correct Display format for how you want the dates to display in your Klip.  Select Group repeating labels to return a unique instance of the date.
  4. Select the Series sub-component and use the IF function to filter the data by a specific name.
    For example,
    (If column B equals Project1, return column C if true, otherwise return blank if false)
    Right-click the Bar/Line chart to add another series, and copy the first series formula to the second series. Change the formula to select a different project number.
    Alongside the Series sub-component, click the three vertical dots, to select a different aggregation method if required.

Before saving your Klip, use the lightning bolt icon to check that the X:Axis and Series formulas evaluate to the same number of items, and that the values displayed in the Klip are what you expect to see.




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