How can I display new and returning customers in a Pictograph?

The Pictograph component is a great way to visualize how to display a count of new and returning customers.

Let’s see how to build this type of Klip using filtering.

  1. Upload your data source to Klipfolio dashboard using the Upload a File connector (eg: two columns: one name, the other classification (new/returning).
  2. In the Klip editor, drag in a Pictograph component from the Component’s palette.
  3. Click on Image Set, Data paneland select the name column from your data source.
  4. In the Properties panel, click Show as aggregated value, select count, and colorize the image to how you want to visualize it. You also have the option here to upload your own image by selecting Custom, but remember the image needs to be under 2 MB in size.
  5. Finally, select Add Hidden data.  A new Data sub-component is added to Image Set.
  6. Select this Data sub-component, the Data panel, and select the classification column from your data source. To apply a filter, select the three vertical dots beside the Data sub-component and check off new.  The filter is automatically applied to the whole component.
    As new appears three times in the classification column, three images are displayed in the Pictograph.

Add another Pictograph component to display and filter for returning customers.

How to build Pictograph components


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