New Google News API RSS feed Klipfolio integration (2018+)

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This post is about the change in retrieving Google News RSS API since the beginning of this year (2018) and how to work around it. Evidently, there has been a change since, arguably speaking, ~1st Nov, 2017. While we await for formal documentation from Google's team, here is an easy work around for those having difficulty in integration Google News RSS feed into their klips.

One of the ways is to get RSS feed through Google's 'Create Alert' option. However, you may notice that sometimes this fails to capture what you require. This is likely because the only articles that are added to the RSS feed are those published AFTER the alert has been created. This means for famous topics such as 'Artificial Intelligence', where a lot of articles are published every minute, this method helps capture the latest feed. However, for more obscure or esoteric topics, that may not be the case, and the RSS link generated through the 'Create Alert' method may return less than what you'd expect immediately after creating the alert.

I have scoured the internet to come across an API call format that works without fail.

Here is the format for that: https://news.google.com/news/rss/search/section/q/<enter your search string here>?ned=us&gl=US&hl=en


Example 1: https://news.google.com/news/rss/search/section/q/ronaldo+messi?ned=us&gl=US&hl=en

This searches for all news articles pertaining to Ronaldo and Messi.

Example 2: https://news.google.com/news/rss/search/section/q/football%7Cbaseball%7Cbasketball?ned=us&gl=US&hl=en

This searches for all news articles pertaining to either football or baseball or basketball.


You can now use the Query URL to create a Data Source for your Dashboard. 

Hopefully this workaround will be helpful if you're trying to integrate Google News RSS API into your klips. (:


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Customer Success Intern - India

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    Reint de Koning

    Is it also possible to make this data source dynamic?

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