Quotes in output required - can't seem to find a way to do?

I need to send something to an external system  that needs to be surrounded in quotation marks.  I'm using an input selector on dates - but I want the 'value' to be "20170101T235959" and not 20170101T235959. Is there a way to append with Quotes?  Essentially the variable returned becomes part  of the json in a  dynamic query and this has to be in quotes. I tried just putting the Json with the "{props.ReportDate}" but this  returned an error.

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    Meggan King

    Hi Tom,

    Did you ever get this figured out? Why do you need to include the quotation marks? I'm happy to help, but I think I'll need to see what you are trying to do in your account. Can you send an email to support@klipfolio.com




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