Groupby customer in the last 30 days


I hope some one can help me.

I have a excel file, in the excel file consists all the order there are bought through the shop.

I will showing how many order each customer has bought the last month.

And I use Groupby so i can see how many order every customer have order. And its work fine

But how can I only show order from the last 30 days. Now i showing all the order from the last year, but i will only showing the last 30 days.

Can klipfolio do that ? :-D






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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for reaching out! :) We most certainly can! I would actually like to help you take a step back and show you how you can create this table without the need to use formulas. What you can use is our applied actions.


    Step 1:
    In your table, you'll have two columns, just as you have in your screenshot. But instead of using GROUP and GROUPBY, you just need to reference your columns - so Firma in the right column and Ordrenr respectively.

    Step 2:
    Now you can Group the left column for Customer using the GROUP action:

    This will group your customers so it will remove all your duplicates and each customer only shows once.

    Step 3:
    Choose the aggregation type for your Total Order column. In this case, you're counting the order numbers.

    Step 4:
    So you should now be where you were in your screenshot above. BUT, without formulas! Now the next part is the Date Filter that you wanted to add. To do that, add a Hidden Data component and you can name it Date Filter. Rerence your date column Dato, klokke. This will automatically be detected as a date. If it isn't you can ensure it under the Properties Tab:

    Now you just need to filter for the last 30 days:

    And that is pretty much it! You're all done!


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    Martin Tingleff

    Thanks its work, its easy when you know it THANKS

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