Can Klipfolio be used to build a real-time waiting list?

I need a way to show a waiting list / next in-line real-time list on a TV.  Is this possible with Klipfolio?  I will be using Salesforce for the datasource and I when I update a record I need the list to update real-time or near real-time.  



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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Hi Kevin, there are several ways to accomplish this using Klipfolio and data coming from Salesforce.  The key is triggering the Klipfolio data refresh service which will fetch the most current data.  Once Klipfolio gets current fresh data the "waiting list / next-in-line real-time list" will flash on the published link (dashboard) on your TV and be updated.  You can set a scheduled refresh request on your Klipfolio data sources at 1 Minute which as you would expect, attempts to fetch fresh data every minute.  Here is a document about data refresh.  While this is not real Real-time and can experience temporary delays if the data refresh queue is busy, it is more than adequate for most use cases.

    Additionally, you can use the Klipfolio API to push a data refresh programmatically with a trigger in Salesforce when your data changes.  This has the advantage of only refreshing the data when something changes in your data (triggered), but depending on the frequency may require API call management considerations.

    It really depends on your use case, how often your data is changing.  We use Salesforce internally and have used both methods.

    Probably best to have a quick discussion with our support team to really understand your use case.  Please email support@klipfolio.com to create a ticket and we can help you choose the best method.


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