What’s the difference between a Klip and a Metric Klip?

A Klip is an interactive widget for visualizing your data using one or more components such as charts, tables, and gauges. You can start with pre-built content in the Klip Gallery or author your own Klips. You have complete control over the data and the visual definition of your Klip and there’s a huge range of flexibility to design and build exactly what you want. Klips are great if you have very specific dashboard requirements that you need to fulfill.


A Metric Klip (beta) is a plug-and-play analytical object that contains all the information you want to bring together about a particular metric or KPI. Each Metric Klip you create in Klipfolio becomes a data cache for the historical values of the metrics that are important to you.


Unlike Klips which rely on the builder to create all the formulas and visualizations behind them, Metric Klips use built-in best practices. Anyone can use Metric Klips to analyze and explore their results and personalize their view of the data. There’s a layer of logic behind Metric Klips so they can easily be assembled together on a Klipboard using common filters and date ranges. Rather than hardcode a specific type of visualization, people can personalize their own views of Metric Klips to reflect the timeframe, visualization or add filters and comparisons. You can easily navigate to different views of your results using a single Metric Klip and assemble these views on a Klipboard. Natural to adopt, Metric Klips put the power of business analysis at everyone’s fingertips.


Both Klips and Metric Klips work with all the data connectors Klipfolio supports and you can use the REST API to connect to virtually everything.


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