Ability to show vertical line markers on line or bar charts

 A really nice feature down the road would be the ability to add vertical line markers (or even a marker in the X-axis) that would show milestone or events that align with the data.  For instance, if you are looking at membership growth over time, you could have markers that align with the dates of certain campaigns that were released so visually see how those campaigns affected the growth rates during that time. 

Thanks for listening.


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Jon, thank you for the request. This type of functionality is on our radar and being looked at. There is not anything scheduled yet, but I will reach out to you when we have something concrete to get your feedback on.

    Thank you

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    Kees De Koning

    Totally agree! Would really like to see this feature. Especially in agile scrum burn down and burn up charts.

    For now, a work-around: Add an additional serie, make it a bar-chart. Have all values 0 and where you would like to have the line, make it a 1. Add additional y-axis, with a range from 0 to 1, and you're set. Lot's of work though and not a great work around.

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    Josh Padnick

    Writing 2 years later and we're also looking for this feature. Is this something Klipfolio supports now?

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