Allow the "User Input Control" keep the value chosen

Allow the "User Input Control" when is set as "Drop_Down List" keep the value chosen when there is interaction with a Button in the properties


I have four drop-down lists, that Interact itself, called A, B, C e D, and all of this drop- down is set as "On button press" in the field "Set Value" in the Properties tab

I choose an option in the drop-down A, automatically the options B, C and D are updated, ok until then!
When I choose some other data´s option in the drop-down list (B, C or D) the option A returns to "_all_", and does not keep the option chosen.

To keep the option A chosen, the "SET Value" has to be as "Instantly" in all "drop-down" (A, B, C and D)

My contribution of new request is, one way to keep the value chosen when the "Set Value" in the properties is set as "On button press"... And tables, Pie Chart, Funnel Chart update only when the button is pressed.

My ticket number: 90230 explains in details and visual my demand.


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