Klipfolio data sources ownership transfer

Im looking for some information about the data sources ownership on Klipfolio, as admin, Im in charge of delete/removing access of those employee who have
left the company, i noticed that after deleting the account , the data sources owership goes to Klipfolio admin automatically, i see the option to share the access
but unable to transfer the ownership of the data sources to another person

I was advised the following :


All Klips, dashboards, data sources, and metrics of the deleted user are automatically transferred to the person deleting the user. You will need to reconfigure some data sources because data source tokens cannot be transferred. 

I like to suggest to enable the functionality to transfer the data sources to another person entirely from admin

As admin , we have a lot of data sources to be manage and it would be better if  the data sources can be transferred or delegated to the person in charge .

Thank you for the consideration


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