Indicator text color should not change color of prefix/suffix

I submitted this question some time ago, and was told to submit it as a feature request. So, here it is! Thank you!


I am using a value pair to display the following:

primary value: a dollar amount for current year revenue

secondary value: percent growth over previous period. This also has a suffix that says " vs. previous period". So it comes out looking like "32% vs. previous period" or "-11% vs. previous period".

I want to add an indicator on the secondary value to change the color to red or green based on the value of the percentage. However, I do not want to change the color of the suffix, only of the value itself. I cannot make this work the way I want it to. Currently the entire secondary value changes to red or green.

Is there any way to do this? I've decided to use an up/down arrow icon indicator for now, but I really liked the idea of the red/green text value.



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