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New to Klipfolio, so just trying to figure some things out.  Can I set my column heading to a value in my result set?  For example, my result set has rows showing a division, month, year, count.  I want my column headings to read "Division"  "Month YYYY", where Month and YYYY are in the actual result set.  This is for a year over year comparison so I'll one column for current month/current year and another for same month/previous year (i.e. "December 2017"   "December 2018"), but these values will change each month, so I want to build the column header from data in the result set.

Does that make sense?


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Ed,

    Welcome to Klipfolio!  To set a column heading to a value that will change with time or according to your data, use Custom Headers. Here are the steps to follow, for details, please see the Customized Column Headers section in the Table component article.

    1. For the current month/year column, go to the Properties tab and select Use custom header. A Header subcomponent will be added in the component hierarchy.
    2. Go to the Header Data tab and type your formula to set the month year required.  If you always want this to display the current month, it's best to do this using Date functions: DATEVALUE( TODAY(), "MMMM yyyy" ). Refer to the Date/Time section of the Klipfolio functions articles for a description of the Date/Time functions as well as information on date formats (for example, M represents month, y represents year).
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the previous year, but use the following formula to calculate the previous year:
            DATEVALUE( DATE_ADD( TODAY(), year, -1 ), "MMMM yyyy" )

    Happy Dashboarding!


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    Ed Crawford

    Actually, I figured out how to do what I was asking.  I needed to reference the data set NOT the DATEVALUE function:


    My results were exactly as I expected, instead of showing "PreviousYearCount" it shows the actual Month and Year from the data source:

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