Issue with updating multiple Data Sources from same forwarded email


In the last few months, something seems to have changed in Klipfolio (or possibly Outlook) that has broken my weekly Data Source updates within Klipfolio.   My company's internal system sends an email to a list of users, and that email has multiple csv files attached.    I have 2 Data Sources set up in Klipfolio, each of which uses a different csv attachment.  I have an inbox rule set up in Outlook which forwards this email each week to the 2 Klipfolio endpoints.   This worked fine for a long time until recently, where I found that it was only updating the Data Source of the FIRST listed endpoint.   Interestingly, if I changed the order of the 2 endpoints in the forwarding rule, then the other Data Source would get updated.     It works fine if I forward the email to each of the end points separately, but when I forward to both endpoints within the same email, only the first one gets updated.     I've been trying some work-around for this, like having a separate inbox rule for each endpoint, and we'll see if that works.   But wanted to let Klipfolio know about this, as it was working fine a few months ago.

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    Meggan King

    Hi Nathan

    You should be able to send multiple attachments to the email data source. By default, the first attachment is used by the email data source, unless the file name has been specified. Do the emailed files ever change the name of the file? 

    To fix your issue, you'll need to reconfigure each data source, and then make a small change to add in the file name. You'll need to resend the attachment during the reconfiguration.  

    We do have a doc on this - check the troubleshooting section



    Hope this helps! If you want more assistance, you can reply here or reach out to support@klipfolio.com



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