Joining Data in Klipfolio

 Hi, I have an Issue with join different data sources, Imagine like you had four different tables and you wanted to join them using a key. How is that done in Klipfolio?


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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Barry,

    Thanks for reaching out! :) Are you looking to append columns from other datasources or rows from the other datasource?

    If you are looking to append the columns, what you are looking for is the LookUp function! 

    The LookUp function has the following definition: LOOKUP(input, keys, results). In your case here are what should be used:

    - Input: The column you're trying to line up data with, across your tables

    - Keys: The columns in your respective tables that correspond to the same values as Input

    - Results: The columns that you want to append.

    I suspect the above to be the case based on your question but in case you are looking to append rows, then what you are looking for the ARRAY function. Each column will be an array of the columns across the 4 different tables. e.g: Array (A:A,A:A,A:A,A:A) where A:A are all the same data but in the different datasources. 

    Does that help Barry?

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    Barry Okwaro

    Let me try it out, I actually have data from Google Adwords and some data from Facebook ads etc, so what I want to do, is to have one date column and then expenses of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adx etc in their columns. My issue has been joining the data using the date column, doing a full join. And then representing the results in a table.

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    Gianna Mauro

    Hi Barry,


    You may also want to checkout the new feature to join multiple modelled data sources, which does not require formulas. See https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017928133-Merging-modelled-data-sources



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