Instagram Business Data Sources only show a subset of all available Accounts


I'm trying to set up a data source connecting to Instagram Business, but step 4: Configuring the data source only shows a subset of all available Instagram accounts. For some of the Facebook Pages from the drop-down there is no corresponding Business Account even though there should be. Instead, I'm presented with the following error: "There are no values for the facebook page you selected. Double-check your options and try again."

There are definitely Instagram Business accounts connected to the FB pages and the connecting user has admin level permissions in FB Business Manager. 

However, if I'm using Facebook's Graph API Explorer with a user access token using the query {facebook page id?fields=instagram_business_account, I only receive an Instagram business id for the accounts that also have a match in Klipfolio.

As far as I can see both the Instagram accounts showing up and not in step 4: Configuring the data source are configured exactly the same.

Can anybody point me to possible misconfigurations with the Instagram Business accounts?

Additional info: The Access insights for the Instagram business connected to your page option in Facebook's business integration is activated.


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