Gauge Klip tip: align the color ranges & minimize maintenance

When building a Gauge klip, here's a quick tip to ensure your colour ranges line up that will also minimize ongoing maintenance should you ever need to change the range settings.  

The following gauge has 3 ranges: Range 1 is red, Range 2 is orange and Range 3 is green and each of these ranges has Start and End values to specify where the colour range starts and ends. 



Typically, Range 1 starts at the bottom of the gauge and the last range ends at the top. As shown in the example below, setting these Start and End values to &Min Value and &Max Value (using Results References) allows you to change your minimum and maximum gauge values without having to also adjust your range settings. Similarly, setting the Start Value of a range to the End Value of the previous range allows you to minimize the formula changes required if you want to adjust them and also ensures the ranges align.

     Range 1 
           Start 1: &Min Value
           End 1:  formula
     Range 2
           Start 2: &End 1
           End 2:  formula
     Range 3
           Start 3: &End 2
           End 3:  &Max Value


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