SSL Support for MySQL DB

From a security standpoint, SSL support for MySQL is a must. It's mostly a configuration matter, rather than a new big feature to implement. All similar products have it already (Google DataStudio, Redash, etc) and this is a big missing feature.

If security is indeed important to you, this should be prioritized highly.


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    Kaushi Bandara

    Hi Tal, thank you for your input! We'll add your name to a feature request for SSL support for MySQL.

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    Ryan Cole

    Really SSL should work with every single connector. What DB is not going to have SSL enabled realistically.

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    Garrod Houweling

    Hey Everyone,

    Garrod here from the Support Team

    We have just released SSL support for our MySQL connector !

    Please given this new functionality a try and feel free to reach out with any feedback you might have!

    Happy Dashboarding!

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