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right now i have gauge 


current value is coming from datasource which is msql for eg:256

target :1590(which is changed by me)


i added a hidden data based on my calculation =(target/no of days in month )*(today -1 (we are taking day in this ))  ------- i am doing this maunualy i want it to be automated as soons as i enter the target value

eg:(1590/31)*8=389          today is 9/1/2019

if the current value is greater than hidden data then it turns green and if the current value is lesser than hidden data then it turns red


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    Seema Nikam

    Hi Malcolm,


    To automate the calculation in hidden data, you can use formula reference along with the DATE functions. To get the count of days in the current month you can use the date functions as shown below and then wrap it with a COUNT function. And then using a formula reference, refer the target value in our formula as shown below-


    Now for the current value, you can apply two indicators as shown below-







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