Grouping / managing Dashboards

It would be very nice to have an option to group dashboards in folders instead of having a long list of them.

That way we would be able to group client's dashboards etc.


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    Michael Bennett

    Thank you kindly for the feedback Steffen! This does seem like a great functionality and we've had a number of requests for this before. With features being highly based on the popularity and viability of implementation, I'll add your email to the list of requesters and you'll be notified if we decide to put it on the roadmap.

    Thanks again and if you have any other suggestions or feedback please let us know!

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    Sriram Rapaka

    Hello - any updates on what the priority of this request is?

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    Peter Morrissey

    Now I am moving into supplying customers dashboards I think this would be a great feature 

    VOTE up please

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